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Where Ethics and Principles gone from Indian Politics?

Gandhi Ji said “Politics without Principles will destroy us” and that is what exactly is happening today. Not only we have lost the Principles, we have gone even one step further and lost the Ethics as well.

Come elections and you see the real face of the political leaders and to what extent they can go to stay in power. They will change Parties, put pressure within the Party to get ticket for themselves and their family members, will have no shame in chewing back their own words, fool the people and play all kind of dirty tricks under the pretext that राजनीति में सब कुछ चलता है, no permanent friends or enemies and apply the policy of शाम, दाम, दंड, भेद. Chanakya professed this policy to gain power when there were kingdoms and feudalistic systems. Today, democracy is in existence, relevance of Chanakya policy is not applicable and those who profess it, means that they still have the mindset of gaining power by any means. They cannot be the well-wishers of the present day society.

Why we have reached to so low level. Possibly our leaders strayed and became selfish and gradually lost principles and ethics. Became corrupt and did not set up such systems and laws that are needed to govern the nation efficiently. There has been sustained deterioration in the intentions and mindset of our political leaders. Worst was people also became party to it and expressed their inability to do anything and gave up hope.

With the result people at large are suffering. We shall discuss it in further writings what Smast Bhartiya Party thinks is the way out.

Team Smast Bhartiya Party