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Jind 14 Aug.

In its core meeting held at State Head Office Jind, Smast Bhartiya Party has decided to say no to those who are defected candidates of other parties and knocking the doors of Smast Bhartiya Party.

Party National President Sh. Sudesh Aggarwal told that Smast Bhartiya Party will not g ive ticket to those opportunistic candidates who wants to join SBP just for the Ticket, even if they claims & deserve to be winning candidate. In the opinion of the Party these candidates are Selfish and Ineligible since their mother party has refused them ticket and they are joining other party just for the ticket. These kind of Candidates are not faithful for their mother Party, how they can be faithful to the Public of Haryana & SBP. These Leaders befool the voters with false commitments with vested interest. But Smast Bhartiya Party has given a different direction to the politics of Haryana by taking decision of saying NO to these Opportunistic People. SBP being a Party with Principles keep the interest of voters & State over and above any other thing. Party is committed to give Clean, Corruption Free, Selfless and Efficient Govt to the people of Haryana. Smast Bhartiya Party will give Ticket to Eligible, Clean Profile Candidates as per Party Criteria and will provide an alternate to the Voters of Haryana to vote for Clean Politics and Efficient Administration. This is bold and ideological decision in the Politics of Haryana, since party could have said yes to this just to form the Government, but the party has decided not to compromise with its principles and policy, whereas other parties are giving ticket to the defected candidates for personal and candidate interest ignoring the interest of public.

Party has decided to contest on all 90 seats on its own symbol KAINCHI. Party has also as per earlier release decided to declare its Cabinet of Ministers before Election, so that voters knows who will be their minister and what is their profile. Party believes that Politics decides the fate of States and Nation, if Politics is done on wrong principles, everything will be wrong. In this direction Party in this meeting undergone with the Primary Screening of the 7 Candidates who applied for Cabinet. Sh Sudesh Aggarwal said that Party will declare the Nominated Cabinet in Public by Transparent Screening. Party also appealed to other parties to declare their to be ministers, so that Voters are not again befooled this time. Party Core team also discussed about important aspects of Party Election Campaigning Strategy, Model Code of Conduct guidelines, Legal aspects of Election to be released by Election Commission and Legal Formalities of Nomination Process.

Party State President Smt Neelam Aggarwal Aggarwal told that being a Women she has taken an important & Challenging role in the party to motivate the Women of the State to Join the Change for development. She told that she is committed to the growth and development of women. She said that women of Haryana is welcome to Join the Party to enhance the importance of women. She believes that if women has equal role in building homes, she has equal role in building Nation and States. She also said that she will give due weightage to the women candidatures applications received by the party if found eligible she will try to give 50 % tickets to the women. She said that if women can produce better male Leaders, why women can’t be better Leader herself.

In this core meeting of the Party Sh Vijay Pal Maghan State Gen Secretary, Sh Anwar Khursheed Secretary to President, Sh Nitin Bansal Spokesperson & State Secretary, Sh Naresh Chadha Pradesh Sachiv, Sh Vijaydeep, Sh MK Ssehgal were present.

Nitin Bansal
Spokesperson, Smast Bhartiya Party