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Smast Bhartiya Party announced its 21 point program for Haryana

SBP President will tour all the districts of the State

SBP presented political alternative on the basis its Intentions, Capability and Will Power


Chandigarh : Smast Bhartiya Party President Shri Sudesh Aggarwal questioned the performance and action plans of all the Parties who have been in power in the State. In the background of this SBP presented to the people a political alternative that is based on its intentions, capabilities and will power to do good for the people. SBP by providing clean, corruption free and efficient government will make the life of people happier and easier.


While talking to media at the press conference, SBP President Shri Aggarwal released its 21 point agenda for Haryana and announced that he shall be touring all the 21 districts of the State from Sunday July 6. He stated that on the formation of SBP government, they shall implement a new plan titled “ Minimum Income Guarantee Yojna”. This will guarantee a minimum income for each family of Haryana to live a respectful life. Funds for this scheme shall be raised by increasing the CLU fee that goes in the pockets of corrupt politicians.


A new card titled “Krishi Card” shall be issued to farmers with a land holding of up to 3 acres. This card shall entitle the farmer to procure seeds, fertilizer, insect killing medicine, diesel and pay for electricity bill and repayment of this to be made from the sale of his produce. The card shall be renewed thereafter for the next farming season. No interest will be charged and in this way farmer will not face the burden of interest.


For Youth empowerment and Employment generation, food processing industries shall be established. Formation of Cooperative Societies shall be encouraged where its members will be unemployed youth.


Shri Aggarwal announced that for creating employment for local youth, the policy of employing local labor in the industries shall be strictly implemented. For smooth labor relations, industrial strikes shall be banned for 5 years.


SBP president announced that powers to manage 16 departments shall be decentralized to Panchayati Raj Institutions by issuing Notification. A call centre shall be established in each district for registering complaints of the people for all departments.


For increasing the income of the people and the State, medical and religious tourism shall be encouraged and relevant infrastructure shall be established. Haryana shall be developed as the sports capital of the country.


5% of the tax collected and deposited in the State Exchequer by the Traders shall be kept aside to be used for their benefit.


Mr. Aggarwal announced that Watchmen at every village shall be given the grade of Fourth Grade employees of the State. At the moment they are given stipend only.


He said within 6 months of its government formation, SBP will review the existence of unauthorized colonies and authorize them to avail the civic amenities.


Electricity supply has become the necessity today. SBP government will ensure 24 hour uninterrupted electricity supply at least for the households and thereafter for every sector. Government will listen and address the issues of the government employees.


SBP government shall work to raise the standard of education by meeting the requirements of the teachers and other infrastructure. Education will made more job oriented.


Specific for Women


SBP President Shri Aggarwal said SBP will give extra emphasis on women education, security and income. SBP shall ensure that drinking water supply is there at each household in villages and women need not fetch water on head.


The place of the liquor shop in the village shall be with the consent of women only. Toilets for women shall be established in cities and towns.




Shri Aggarwal said that SBP Government other than working for economic upliftment of the people will ensure that people of every religion, community, caste and category get what they deserve and government will provide help to the needy.


SBP President said that people for their own betterment should rise above the caste based politics and support those who have the intention and competence to bring economic, social and physical infrastructure development.


Shri Aggarwal concluded that while touring the state he shall expose the political parties and their leaders.