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Why SBP is not Contesting LS Elections?

Why SBP is not Contesting LS Elections?

SBP was formed to bring positive CHANGE in the political culture and form or be part of the government to demonstrate how the intentions and competence of leaders can make the lives of people better by providing clean politics and good governance. SBP believes that first it has to prove itself in one State before embarking on the national level.

Haryana is the home State of SBP. After the elections in 2009, SBP declared its Haryana Mission 2014 as under;

"स्वच्छ, भ्रस्टाचारमुक्त, कुशल व सिद्धांतवादी लोगों की सरकार बनाना"
और स भा पा का नारा है
"पहले बदलेंगे हरियाणा प्रदेश, फिर बदलेंगे पूरा देश"

We contested LOK Sabha election earlier with the objective to spread the ideology and name of the Party and that is not needed anymore.

SBP decided not to contest LS elections in Haryana as;

1. Its focus is Haryana Assembly. First SBP wants to prove its intentions and competence in one State as per its thinking. SBP believes that if it cannot do anything at a State level then what it will be able to do at the national level is a question itself.
2. SBP, even if it wins any seat or seats, will have to align itself with either UPA or NDA or Third Front. Corruption breeds here which SBP does not want to engage.
3. SBP believes that it will not serve any purpose except cutting into the votes of somebody or the other.
4. SBP is not a Party of selfish leaders or to meet selfish goals.